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Award-Winning Craft Beer

Proudly Brewed in Vietnam

Headquartered in Saigon, Vietnam, Pasteur Street Brewing Company brings together International brewing with fresh Vietnamese ingredients. Since serving our first beer in January 2015, we have become more than just a brewery. Pasteur Street has become a lifestyle and an innovative leader in our craft beer community. We pride ourselves on innovation while always keeping craft at our core. We now have 10 Taprooms across the country - look for our award winning beers throughout Vietnam and some places in the world.


We have been fortunate to be featured in some great publications. Feel free to check out some of the articles below. If you are a writer and are looking to do a piece that features Pasteur Street, we'd love to speak with you about our beer. Just email us at with the subject 'Press Inquiry' and someone will get back to you ASAP.